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Hydraulic System design and Troubleshooting
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The design of a hydraulic system which has been operating satisfactorily for a period of time. However, a seemingly uncomplicated procedure such as relocating a hydraulic system or changing a hydraulic component part can cause problems. Because of this, the following points should be considered:
1. Each component in the hydraulic system must be compatible with and form an integral part of the system. For example, an inadequate size hydraulic filter on the inlet of a hydraulic pump can cause cavitation and subsequent damage to the hydraulic pump.
2. All lines must be of proper size and free of restrictive bends. An undersized or restricted line results in a pressure drop in the line itself.
3. Some components must be mounted in a specific position with respect to other components or the lines. The housing of an in-line pump, for example, must remain filled with fluid to provide lubrication.
4. The inclusion of adequate test points for pressure readings, although not essential for operation, will expedite troubleshooting.
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